McCormack Ranch Lamb

McCormack Ranch now maintains about 1,800 fine-wooled white-face ewes and sells the lambs to Niman Ranch. McCormack Ranch was the first to supply Niman with lamb and began the partnership in l992.

Our sheep are grass-fed and range free, grazing in large (200-300 acres) pastures. In the fall, they lamb and then return to pastures until the offspring are weaned and then sold. This occurs when the offspring are between three and five months of age. Our market animals receive only their mother’s milk and grass. Our Niman lambs receive a small amount of corn the last few weeks before they are sold. We emphasize the use of low-stress methods to handle our livestock.

McCormack Ranch livestock is:
  • All Natural and Fresh
  • Humanely Raised on a Sustainable U.S. Family Farm
  • Never Given Antibiotics - Ever
  • Never Given Any Added Hormones - Ever
  • Grazed on Large Pastures
  • Grass Fed

"We are so very
proud to continue to
buy lambs from
McCormack Ranch – a true model of
sustainable ranching."

Cody Hiemke, Niman Ranch Lamb Program Manager