About McCormack Ranch

McCormack Ranch was established by Dan McCormack in 1896 and is now run by his granddaughter Jeanne McCormack and her husband Al Medvitz. Jeanne and Al continue the commitment to sustainable farming established by Jeanne’s grandfather over a century ago – the animals are pasture-fed and range free, grazing in large (200 – 300 acre) pastures, given no antibiotics or hormones and handled using low-stress, humane methods.

McCormack Ranch consists of 3,700 acres and lies in the historic Montezuma Hills along the Sacramento River. The ranch produces dry land wheat and barley in rotation with grass-fed sheep and grass-fed Boer goats. Jeanne and Al are dedicated to educating people about local food production, conservation and sustainability.

McCormack Ranch is proud to be the first to supply lamb to Niman Ranch, a respected provider of high-quality, natural meats. Because of its quality McCormack Ranch lamb and Boer goat are featured at many exceptional meat markets and restaurants.

McCormack Ranch
livestock is:
  • All Natural and Fresh
  • Humanely Raised on a Sustainable U.S. Family Farm
  • Never Given Antibiotics - Ever
  • Never Given Any Added Hormones - Ever
  • Grazed on Large Pastures
  • Grass Fed